Putin Says Multipolarity Trend Will Intensify — Warns Those Who Do Not Follow Will Lose

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, says the trend toward multipolarity is inevitable and will only intensify. “Those who do not understand this and do not follow this trend will lose,” the Russian president warned.

Putin on Multipolarity Trend Escalating

Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about a global trend towards multipolarity at a recent meeting of the Council for Local Self-Government Development. Putin said:

This trend — the trend toward multipolarity in the world — is inevitable. It will only intensify. And those who do not understand this and do not follow this trend will lose.

“It is an absolutely obvious fact. It is as obvious as the sunrise. Nothing can be done about it. Those who try to prevent this will only face additional problems that they already have,” the Russian president added.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov quoted Putin while addressing participants of the World Online Conference on Multipolarity in Moscow. Representatives from political, public, and academic circles from several dozen countries were brought together by the forum. The official opined:

The attempts to establish a unipolar world order with a sole decision-making center in Washington have failed. Today, the movement towards global multipolarity is a fact, a geopolitical reality.

“We see new global centers, primarily in Eurasia, the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America grow and achieve impressive success in various fields, relying on their independence, state sovereignty, and cultural and civilizational identity,” Lavrov detailed.

The Russian foreign minister continued, “The facts speak for themselves,” elaborating:

Over the past three decades, the share of the G7 countries in the global economy has significantly decreased while the influence of emerging markets is growing steadily.

“We are witnessing the continued transformation of the structure of international relations. A striking example of multipolar diplomacy is the work of multilateral associations of a new type, such as the SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization] and BRICS,” he noted. “They bring together member countries with different political and economic systems with distinct values and civilizational platforms, which effectively cooperate in various fields.” The BRICS nations comprise Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Last week, Putin said that the actions of the elites in the U.S. and Europe will backfire on them, emphasizing that they do not always act in the best interest of their own people. He also said that Russia is focusing on strengthening its partnerships with friendly nations and collaborating with foreign partners.



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