NFA Labs Introduces AI-driven Neural Net Trading Platform Athena Alpha and Dashboard

  • NFA Labs announces the successful launch of Athena Alpha and Athena dashboard.
  • “This release marks the inception of a dynamic undertaking for us and our robot community,” NFA Labs stated.
  • Despite the need for some fine-tuning of Athena.a’s features and proficiencies, NFA Labs states it is dedicated to improving DeFi.

NFA Labs, a project advancing decentralized finance (DeFi) using artificial intelligence and deep learning, announces the initial phase completion of Athena Alpha and Athena dashboard launches. The neural net trading platform, related to ChatGPT AI model, marks a new era in DeFi and cryptocurrency participation.

G+M Robots 🤖❤️🤖

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the initial phase of our phased launch. Your patience has been truly appreciated as we evaluated the dashboard’s capacity to manage a fraction of our 1,700-strong community.

As we advance to the next… pic.twitter.com/OYEwCDfyUS

— n=f(a) (@nfalabs) April 29, 2023

In a tweet, NFA Labs confirmed they evaluated the dashboard’s capacity with a portion of their 1,700-strong community and will proceed with rigorous stress tests. NFA Labs temporarily lowers the token threshold to one NFAI to accommodate more traffic.

The project notes this adjustment requires periodic system maintenance to protect community members and intellectual property. The provisional threshold remains until all Athena Alpha modules migrate, after which the community votes to determine a suitable threshold.

NFA Labs released Athena.a to demonstrate their mission to counter centralized entities’ influence on decentralized finance. Athena, NFA Labs’ AI-driven platform, consists of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma algorithms, each with unique features and proficiencies. The Athena Alpha and dashboard release marks a milestone for NFA Labs and their robot community, laying a foundation for future Athena releases.

The Lab acknowledges fine-tuning is needed for Athena.a’s features and proficiencies, including optimizing portfolio management for 30+ simultaneous asset trades and refining parameters like the Lorentzian Distance Classifier (LDC), predicting financial asset price movements, and execution parameters such as Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL).

As NFA Labs develops Athena and advances DeFi, the project appreciates the robot community’s support and the growing popularity of their concept.



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