Shytoshi Kusama Issues Major Warning for SHIB Army

The SHIB lead widely known by mysterious alias Shytoshi Kusama has made a statement on the official Telegram channel dedicated to the Shibarium network, “Shibarium Tech.”

Kusama warned SHIB fans not to fall for the tricks of scammers who may be offering them new investment opportunities.

Shytoshi Kusama tells SHIB Army to “beware”

The leader of the Shiba Inu developer team has made an appearance on the “Shibarium Tech” channel to remind the SHIB army about numerous scammers that are operating in the crypto market and targeting the Shiba Inu community in particular.

He wrote that if any member of the SHIB army sees information about a new crypto token allegedly built by the Shiba Inu team, it is a scam, and investors should DYOR (a popular acronym among crypto investors meaning “do your own research”).

There are no TREAT or SHI tokens yet, he added.

An administrator of the Shibarium channel “RagnarShib” also addressed the community, reminding them in light of Kusama’s message that the only tokens issued by the Shiba Inu team so far have been SHIB, BONE and LEASH.

Previously, U.Today covered that many SHIB users in that channel started to ask Kusama about the promised launch of the Shibarium mainnet; earlier this year, he stated that it would happen before May. The questions started pouring in on Kusama during the last days of April.

In his usual manner, the lead SHIB developer responded that this phrase about May was taken out of context and, for that reason, he had stopped discussing any dates in regard to Shiba Inu and its projects.

Recent announcements from SHIB team and SHIB metaverse

As reported by U.Today recently, the Shiba Inu developer team is busy creating its own customized cold storage digital wallet. For that purpose, they are hoping to ink a partnership deal with Huobi exchange and CertiK – a DLT company working with smart contracts and providing audits of crypto projects.

No details are known so far about this wallet, except that it is going to have an “interesting technology and look.”

The second announcement made recently by the SHIB team, who are also busy creating the metaverse, is that they will soon be showing an alpha preview of Rocket Pond – one of the 11 SHIB metaverse hubs.

Earlier this year, the SHIB team already published a video preview of another hub, WAGMI Temple, on its renewed website.



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