Shiba Inu (SHIB) Hits Major New Milestone: Details

The Twitter community around the SHIB token has been expanding significantly, and now the official Shiba Inu account boasts more than 3.7 million followers.

SHIB and DOGE moving together

Curiously, here, SHIB and DOGE have been going neck-and-neck with each other since last year. Back in late May 2022, both coins had 3.4 million subscribers on Twitter.

Now, they both have 3.7 million Twitter followers, which means they gained 400,000 followers over the past year.

For Shiba Inu, this is one million more than the amount of SHIB holders, which now stands at 2,373,060, according to CryptEye. This is the total amount after an increase by 751 holders in the past day.

SHIB burn rate up 1,440%

As covered by U.Today earlier, within the last 24 hours, the burn rate of the second largest meme coin by market capitalization value has increased by a whopping 1,439.2%. This is clear from the data provided by the Shibburn cryptocurrency tracker that reports SHIB burn transactions from Etherscan.

A total amount of 15,399,176 Shiba Inu meme coins has been removed from circulation and into “inferno” wallets during the past 24 hours. The majority of this was transferred to a dead wallet in a single transaction — 11,321,176 coins.

Jeremie Davinci says he will sell ADA for SHIB

On Sunday, a TikTok video was posted with a popular crypto YouTuber turned millionaire Jeremie Davinci, who was also an early Bitcoin investor. In that video, the blogger shows a box with physical replicas of several coins, including BTC, ETH, SHIB, DOGE and ADA. He jokingly referred to them as “physical cryptocurrencies.”

When asked which of them he would hodl and which he would sell, Davinci admitted that he intends to sell Cardano (ADA) for his SHIB and DOGE. However, this video is likely just a joke, so investors should not take it as investment advice from Davinci.

As of this writing, Shiba Inu is exchanging hands at $0.000009987, having added another zero after a slight fall, according to CoinMarketCap. As for Dogecoin, it is trading at $0.07886 after a 2.57% drop overnight, according to the same source.



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