PLEXUS Collaborates with Chainlink BUILD to Enhance Cross-Chain Aggregator’s Adoption

PLEXUS, the prominent cross-chain swaps solutions provider, announced a collaboration with the Chainlink BUILD project. As included in the BUILD program, the platform targets acceleration of the ecosystem growth as well as the enduring adoption of the cross-chain decentralized exchange aggregator by getting improved access to the well-known technical support and oracle support of Chainlink.

PLEXUS Partners with Chainlink BUILD Project to Increase Its Adoption

In addition to this, it also intends to incentivize more security for a determination to offer network fees as well as the rest of the benefits to the community of Chainlink as well as the service providers, taking into account stakers. As per PLEXUS, its membership of the BUILD advances its integration with the platform of Chainlink with additional benefits dealing with priority backing from the ecosystem of Chainlink. Moreover, it considers that this move will create a resilient incentive association between PLEXUS and Chainlink communities.

The company stated that it is confident about future developments. According to it, the enhanced support, safe off-chain services, as well as the support of the wide community of Chainlink will assist it. As a result of that, it can accelerate the adoption of a seamless and secure experience of decentralized trading across the chains.

The cross-chain decentralized exchange aggregator PLEXUS offers cost-effective, secure, and rapid swaps across the entirety of the blockchain bridges and networks with one transaction. The Cross-Chain Routing Protocol (CCRP) of the platform is based on the Theta algorithm. The platform focuses on the provision of the finest consumer experience.

PLEXUS to Allocate 3% of Token Supply for Chainlink-based Service Providers

The current partnership has been carried out by PLEXUS to enhance the benefits related to reliability and security offered by the Oracle infrastructure of Chainlink. Furthermore, PLEXUS will allocate three percent of the local token supply thereof to service providers at Chainlink Build, over time.



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