Crypto.com Introduces its First-ever AI “Amy” to Serve as Crypto Expert Resource

  • Crypto.com to launch its own AI assistant Amy.
  • Chatbot will be able to provide users with more relevant and accurate information.

The world of crypto is steadily evolving, and as the industry continues to rise, so does the demand for tools and resources that could help users stay ahead of the game. This is where AI-powered assistants like Amy come in, which can provide users with real-time information and insights into the crypto world.

Crypto.com is one of the latest exchange to launch its own AI assistant, joining a growing list of crypto companies that are leveraging AI to improve user experiences. With Amy, users can ask questions about specific tokens and projects, and get instant responses that can help inform their trading decisions.

However, it’s important to note that while Amy can provide users with valuable information, it does not offer investment advice. This means that users will still need to exercise caution when making trading decisions, and not rely solely on the information provided by the chatbot.

EVP, Product at Crypto.com Abhi Bisarya said,

As with other businesses and sectors, we see incredible potential and opportunity in the convergence of AI with the crypto industry and our platform specifically. We are excited to be testing this emerging technology through our Amy pilot project. We are bullish on the innovation of AI in crypto, and we look forward to continuing to enhance the utility of Amy and deploy additional AI-powered capabilities.

Crypto.com Trains Amy Model Specifically for Crypto Activities

The fact that crypto.com has specifically trained the Amy model on crypto-related case examples is a positive sign, as it suggests that the chatbot will be able to provide users with more relevant and accurate information. This is a key consideration when it comes to AI-powered assistants, as their effectiveness is largely dependent on the quality of the data they have been trained on.

It’s also worth noting that Amy is currently in its beta phase, and is only available to select users on the Crypto.com website. However, the exchange has plans to roll out the chatbot to more users in the coming weeks, and to eventually bring it to its mobile app.

Overall, the launch of Amy is an exciting development for Crypto.com users, and could help to further democratize access to the crypto market. By providing users with valuable insights and information, the AI-powered chatbot could help to level the playing field and make it easier for everyday users to capture opportunities in the fast-moving world of crypto

Recently, Binance also launched an AI assistant Binance Sensei. Furthermore, other companies in the industry are also jumping on the AI tend like Atlassian.



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