Cardano Founder Responds to Criticism of ‘Building Nothing for Ethereum’

Ethereum (ETH) Co-founder Clashes with Cardano Founder Over His Work at Ethereum.

The founder of the LUKSO network had insinuated that Cardano founder Hoskinson did not contribute to Ethereum.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum, recently had a clash of words with Fabian Vogelsteller, another Ethereum co-founder and founder of the LUKSO blockchain. Vogelsteller had recently indicated that Hoskinson made no meaningful contributions to Ethereum.

Notably, three of Ethereum’s co-founders, Hoskinson, Vogelsteller, and Gavin Wood, left Ethereum and launched their respective networks. Responding to a two-year-old tweet that compared the progress of these networks, Vogelsteller noted that the comparison is only between LUKSO, the chain he founded, and Gavin Wood’s Polkadot network.

To correct this picture a little bit:@VitalikButerin is the ethereum founder, so he doesn’t count. @IOHK_Charles was never really a founder of ethereum. He built literally nothing for ethereum that I am aware of. He was just early on at the right place, at the time, hanging…

— Fabian Vogelsteller (@feindura) April 29, 2023

He stressed that Hoskinson cannot be regarded as an Ethereum co-founder because “He built literally nothing for Ethereum that I am aware of.” According to Vogelsteller, Hoskinson was only fortunate to be at the right place at the right time “hanging out.”

To buttress his point, Vogelsteller argued that he had been involved in Ethereum long before the network was formed and is fully aware of who made valuable contributions to the launch. He mentioned that the primary work that birthed the network was done before 2014, when most of the “co-founders” were onboard.

Hoskinson Responds

Responding to Vogelsteller, Hoskinson employed his usual tactic of sarcasm, expressing gratitude to Vogelsteller for his comments. “[…] given my profound incompetence, I’d love to meet the people behind Cardano. Pretty cool project to just somehow self-manifest,” Hoskinson sarcastically remarked.

“I suppose Switzerland just materialized out of the ether,” he said.

Thanks Fabian. Glad to get your opinion on my worth and contributions. I suppose Switzerland just materialized out of the ether. Also given my profound incompetence, I’d love to meet the people behind Cardano. Pretty cool project to just somehow self manifest

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) April 30, 2023

It bears mentioning that Hoskinson is regarded as one of the biggest contributors to Ethereum, helping to launch the Ethereum Foundation and the ICO in June 2014, which raised 31,000 BTC.

Hoskinson registered the Foundation in Switzerland and served as CEO briefly before leaving to form IOHK in 2015 and Cardano in 2017. Hoskinson left due to disagreement on whether Ethereum should be for-profit or non-profit. He had argued that the project should be for-profit, while Vitalik Buterin disagreed. While there are reports that Hoskinson left willingly, others claim Buterin fired him.

The recent incident with Vogelsteller is not the first public disagreement between two Ethereum co-founders, as Hoskinson and Buterin had also thrown subtle jabs at each other in the past. Last December, as The Crypto Basic reported, Hoskinson sarcastically swiped at Buterin over his comments on Elon Musk’s search for a new Twitter CEO.



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