XEX Crypto Issues Warning Against Discord Channel Malicious Activity

Decentralized financial payment network XEX Crypto just issued a warning to its users regarding a potential scam that has affected their Discord channel. The company advised all users not to engage with any content from the channel, particularly, as it is associated with malicious activity.


Our discord has been compromised, do not interact with anything from the discord, especially

This is a scam site acting maliciously, is our only website.

Our twitter is safe, so only take updates from us on…

— XEX – FREE Mint ⏳ (@XEX_Crypto) April 29, 2023

Moreover, XEX Crypto clarified that is their only legitimate website and urged users to exercise caution when interacting with any links or messages from the affected Discord channel until further notice.

They also recommended users only take updates from their Twitter account, which they assured is safe. XEX Crypto promised to provide updates as they work to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, users commented their complaints on the post reporting that the scammer banned them from the server for warning other users about the hack. Additionally, another user shared that they lost significant funds due to the attack.

CertiK Alert also tweeted a screenshot from the XEX Crypto Discord server, alerting users to not engage with a certain announcement posted by the scammer. The web3 sleuth is also posting regular updates about the hack on their platform.

On April 14, XEX Crypto launched a new NFT collection called Xexadons. The collection consists of 50 AI-generated Ordinals and is intended to provide a unique iteration in the NFT space. Xexadons are an essential part of XEX Crypto’s plans to build a gamified, cross-chain, web3 experience.

To achieve this, XEX Crypto introduced a gamified, cross-chain staking mechanism where users must decide which chain to stake their Xexadons on. The staking mechanism aims to create an engaging and interactive NFT experience, with added gamification.



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