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Bitcoin (BTC) Advocate John Lennon’s Son Now Follows DOGE Co-Founder on Twitter — Is He After Dogecoin?

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Sean Ono Lennon, junior son of John Lennon, has taken to Twitter to say that he has begun following the Dogecoin founder Billy Markus on Twitter. It seems that Sean Lennon got to listen to Markus’ Twitter Space and then decided to subscribe to his account.

This hard hitting analysis is why I subscribe to @BillyM2k I just learned that making a tweet that people like makes your tweet more likely to be retweeted.

— Seán Ono Lennon (@seanonolennon) April 28, 2023

In 2020, Sean Lennon began supporting the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin. He then attended Max Keiser’s crypto podcast “Orange Pill” and overall stated that BTC gave him more optimism than anything else during that hard year when the world faced the pandemic, taking away thousands of lives.

Later on, Sean Ono Lennon began showing support for other music celebrities who got into crypto. In particular, Lennon tweeted in support of Gene Simmons, the KISS band legendary bass player, who also got into crypto and began tweeting about Bitcoin, ADA and XRP.

Sean Lennon has never said whether he owns any cryptocurrencies, though, even Bitcoin. However, in late March this year, he tweeted “only Bitcoin can save us now,” responding to a tweet from Stacy Herbert about a stand of Bitcoin against conventional fiat currency USD.

Only #bitcoin can save us now…

— Seán Ono Lennon (@seanonolennon) March 20, 2023

Therefore, he so far seems to admire crypto from a distance. However, now that Lennon follows Billy Markus, perhaps he will someday decide to shorten that distance between himself and digital currencies and maybe will even start holding Dogecoin.



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