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Dogecoin Whale Loads Up 215,370,734 DOGE in Single Transaction As Top Memecoin Struggles To Take Off

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One of the largest Dogecoin (DOGE) whales in existence gobbled up hundreds of millions of tokens as the leading memecoin continues to consolidate.

Blockchain-monitoring service Dogecoin Whale Alert initially spotted the massive DOGE transaction worth over $16.96 million.

According to Dogecoin Whale Alert, the large whale received 215,370,734 DOGE from a top-20 Dogecoin wallet. The sending wallet paid less than $5 to process the multi-million-dollar transaction.


215,370,734 $DOGE ($16,964,968 USD) was transferred from a #Top20 wallet to a #Top20 wallet.

Fee: 56.09 ($4.42 USD)

Tx: #WhaleAlert #Dogecoin #CryptoNews

— Ðogecoin Whale Alert (@DogeWhaleAlert) April 25, 2023

BitInfoCharts shows that the receiving wallet also collected 36,834,503 DOGE worth $2.88 million several hours after acquiring the large Dogecoin stack. At time of writing, the whale in question has accumulated 3,858,987,551 DOGE worth over $337 million.

BitInfoCharts also finds that the investor with deep pockets is the second-largest non-exchange Dogecoin whale in the world.

As for the other large transactions involving the top memecoin in the past day, Dogecoin Whale Alert shows that a deep-pocketed investor moved 58,058,885 DOGE worth $4.55 million from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet.

In another transaction, a whale relocated 38,295,136 DOGE worth over $3 million from a wallet of unknown origin to a top-20 wallet.

The series of Dogecoin transactions in the last 24 hours comes as the leading memecoin struggles to generate a sustainable rally. At time of writing, DOGE is trading for $0.08, down nearly 14% in the last seven days.

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