StarkWare Announced The 2023 Roadmap, Aimed To Improve UX And Performance

Starknet was created to let developers use the power of STARKs and Cairo to create their apps. Starknet’s development has so far been focused on providing developers with future-proof capabilities. Apart from Regenesis, the functionality of Starknet, driven by Cairo 1.0, is now almost complete.

According to the report, the Starknet network will get the “Regenesis event,” which will convert Cairo 0 smart contracts to the new Cairo 1.0 version. This will be the last preset milestone in Starknet’s roadmap, with future significant modifications selected by community governance.

Moreover, 2023 will be the year in which Starknet concentrates on the following network aspects:

  • UX and performance (in development)
  • Throughput & Latency
  • Transaction Cost
  • Faster Finality
  • Fee Market
  • Shorter & Fixed Block Intervals
  • Tradeoffs & Considerations

The emphasis in 2024 will be on the decentralization of operations and decision-making. This might imply that the Token and airdrop will take place in 2024.

StarkWare also revealed at the conclusion of the blog post that 2024 would be the year of network decentralization following 2023, when it will be fully focused on building features. This will also be the period when Starknet introduces its STRK token, since implementing decentralized governance without a project’s own token would be challenging.

The move is reminiscent of the zkSync period when that Layer 2 solution likewise proclaimed a 2024 deadline for network decentralization.

StarkNet published details regarding the StarkNet token to the community at the end of last year, including the token’s deployment on the Ethereum network and the tokenomics announcement.

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