MicroStrategy Now Adopts Bitcoin Lightning Addresses For All Company Emails

Unlike traditional Lightning invoices, no scanning of QR codes or pasting of invoices is necessary. The Lightning Address protocol simplifies Lightning usage, making it easier than ever before to send Bitcoin instantly with (almost) no fees.

NEW‼️ MicroStrategy has converted all company emails into #Bitcoin Lightning adresses. 🚀

h/t👉 @WalkerAmerica

— Bitcoin Archive (@BTC_Archive) April 17, 2023

This protocol can be considered a superpower for billions of people in the global south who are denied access to banks. With Lightning, everyone can send and receive payments and transfer value with others without having to ask anyone for permission.

Here’s a quick primer on how Lightning Address works:

What makes Lightning Addresses so attractive is the simplicity it brings to using the Lightning Network. Traditionally, sending money via the Lightning Network requires users to generate a lengthy code that nobody can remember. The Lightning Address protocol allows users to send payments using a human-readable email address. This means that all one needs to do to send a payment is to enter an address that looks exactly like an email address.

The Lightning Address protocol is a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency, as it simplifies the usage of the Lightning Network, making it easier and more accessible to people around the world. MicroStrategy’s adoption of Lightning Addresses indicates this protocol’s potential to revolutionize how we send and receive payments. With this protocol, the Lightning Network is set to become more user-friendly and accessible to people around the world.

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