Gameta and Bee Network Partner Up to Offer More Services and Products in the Web3 Ecosystem

Gameta, a multi-layered ecosystem for NFT gaming, has announced a collaboration with a social networking and interactive gaming platform named Bee Network. With this collaboration, both platforms will mutually operate to further broaden the span of Gameta’s services and products related to the Web3 ecosystem.

Gameta Partners up with Bee Network to Provide Additional Services and Products within the Web3 Sector

Bee Network and Gameta will combine their capabilities to let the consumers avail of exclusive technological development. Gameta has more than 6M consumers and it is presently ranked among the most utilized decentralized applications operating on the BNB Chain. The platform offers consistent and long-term satisfaction to its participants by merging casual gaming, long-term Web3-based rewards, and NFTs.

Bee Network is considered to be an innovative blockchain platform that offers a gamified experience for customers. The clients can earn Bee tokens in this way. The company is categorized among the biggest Web3 interactive forums based on blockchain technology. Its chief objective is to assist people in getting Bee tokens via gaming on the platform.

It is specifically structured as a network comprising genuine people who encourage players within the sector to exchange services, expertise, and goods in real life. In addition to this, the platform is also focused on listing the Bee token on prominent crypto exchange firms to trade it with traditional currency. Apart from this collaboration, Gameta will declare the distribution of rewards for the community.

Gameta Becomes the Top Game Project Having Maximum Monthly Subscribers

A few days back, an exclusive study conducted by Coin 98 Analytics disclosed that the GameFi product of Gameta has the highest per-month subscribers. Back in September 2022, the project witnessed 1.85M recorded subscribers. The data additionally points out that above 70% of the cumulative GameFi subscribers of September were just credited to the top 5 GameFi projects. The dramatic rise of the project to the top position points toward Gameta’s potential for further growth.

As per the report, even before getting this remarkable spot, the project was in advance famous on the BNB Chain. At the moment, Gameta is known as the top game operating on BNB Chain. In the meantime, as displayed by the data provided by Coin 98 Analytics, ten other projects are excluded from the top 5 game projects. The respective projects just have less than even ten percent of the cumulative subscribers.



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