Uniswap Users Targeted by Phishing Scam

Cybersecurity firm PeckShield has issued a warning regarding a phishing account that is spreading false information about a purported Uniswap exploit.

The phishing account, impersonating Pocket Universe, claims that a bug in the Permit2 Contract makes Uniswap users’ coins unsafe.

The fraudulent account then prompts users to revoke their current approvals on a platform called Revoke Cash.

PeckShield Inc. took to Twitter to alert users about the phishing attempt, urging them to stay vigilant and not fall prey to the scam.

The company emphasized that the tweets contain false statements intended to entice users to click the phishing link and ultimately steal their tokens.

The real Pocket Universe account, @PocketUniverseZ, offers an extension that protects users from scams.

To prevent falling victim to such phishing attempts, it is crucial for users to verify the authenticity of accounts and information sources before taking any action.



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