zkSync Explains What Causes Network Cuts For 4H

According to official sources, the zkSync team announced the cause of the downtime on Twitter. Block generation has stopped due to a block queue database error. Even so, the server API is not affected. Transactions continue to be added to the mempool, and queries are served commonly.

Here’s what happened:

1. The database for the block queue failed, causing block production to halt. The database health alert did not trigger because it could not connect to it to collect metrics.

— zkSync ∎ (@zksync) April 1, 2023

Although all components have comprehensive monitoring, logging, and alerts, no alerts are triggered because the API works correctly. The entire team was offline when the accident happened.

The fix was done within 5 minutes. To solve the same problem, zkSync gives database monitoring agents a unique role that allows them to connect to the database and continuously collect metrics. At the same time, the team introduced an alerting mechanism that sends an alert when the database monitoring agent fails or cannot establish a connection to the database. In addition, the call team will be notified immediately through multiple channels in the event of a serious escalation. But the only long-term solution is decentralization.

Despite these issues, it remains one of the most popular Ethereum L2 solutions available, and the team’s commitment to solving these issues reassures users and investors alike. Although zkSync Era is still in Alpha, in just a week has become the 3rd most popular L2 by activity.

According to L2BEAT data, the network’s TVL hit $95.45 M a week after launch, surpassing zkSync Lite’s $86.78 million.

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