Solana Mobile brings a new crypto social

Solana Mobile, the new Web3 Android crypto smartphone, is partnering with urFeed to offer users a new social experience that is very competitive with the traditional Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.


  • Solana Mobile: who is the new partner of the crypto Android smartphone?
  • Solana Mobile: official launch date for the crypto Android smartphone is 13 April 2023
  • SOL’s price and “tokenized houses”

Solana Mobile: who is the new partner of the crypto Android smartphone?

The famous Solana Mobile, the new Android that allows users to have the entire crypto world in their pockets, is partnering with urFeed, to offer a new social experience to its users.

Specifically, urFeed describes itself on its website as “a social video and streaming platform, owned by the creators and their community.”

Basically, competing with current social in vogue such as Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, urFeed offers a rich, multimedia, and multi-format user experience while giving users the opportunity to share the value created and have a say in the management of the platform itself.

In this regard, Abhinav Gaur, co-founder of urFeed, said:

“We have a clear mission at urFeed: to create value for the creators and our users. Everytime they use the platform to host a Live Show the creator, guests and the audience all earn a share of ownership in urFeed. On top, we do not take a share of any revenue directly generated by creators on things like subscriptions.”

Gareth Ingham, co-founder and CEO of urFeed, also commented:

“The average user spends 2 hours and 27 minutes a day using social media. It’s a core part of our lives, so users need to have a say in how these platforms are run and get a share of the value they create. But that cannot be at the expense of user experience, so we are building urFeed to be a rich video-first content experience for newcomers to web3 as well as the early adopters.”

Solana Mobile: official launch date for the crypto Android smartphone is 13 April 2023

In reality, the new Solana Mobile has yet to be officially launched. Recently, the date was revealed on the Twitter account:

Everyone has a story. What will yours be?
Start your Saga on 4.13.2023

Solana Mobile Saga Launch Event
Thursday, 4.13.2023, 10am Pacific Time

Stay tuned for live streaming info#SagaSZN pic.twitter.com/GJbTtfBumO

— Solana Mobile 🌱1️⃣3️⃣ (@solanamobile) March 23, 2023

Yet, the new partnership seems to be a revelation already. After all, urFeed fits perfectly with Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko’s futuristic predictions described in one of his tweets:

non crypto predictions for ‘23
1. Chat AI hits 100m dau
2. VR/AR game gets 50 dau
3. investment boom for commercial fusion power
4. Text social media becomes irrelevant, everything is video.
5. First attempts at fully automated factories

— toly 🇺🇸 (@aeyakovenko) January 1, 2023

Which is to say that text-based social media will become irrelevant and everything will be video. To that end, urFeed allows users to browse creators’ videos or participate in multi-user Live Shows, all measured, recorded and rewarded.

Not only that, users receive tokens for participation and creators are hyper-rewarded for creating content. In true Web3 style, users can also use their NFTs as AR filters, to go live as NFTs or to simply remain unseen.

SOL’s price and “tokenized houses”

At the time of writing, Solana (SOL) is worth exactly $20.59, registering a small price dump of 7% over the past 7 days.

Even the market cap of the tenth crypto has dropped to $7.93 billion, after it hovered around $8.5 billion 7 days ago.

No big deal when it comes to cryptocurrencies. When considering the crypto queen, Bitcoin (BTC), its drop in market cap over the past 7 days was $17 billion.

Moreover, Solana Blockchain’s latest news, beyond its intentions to make technological improvements, has been the “tokenization of houses.”

Earlier this month, the company Homebase had sold the first real estate-backed NFTs on Solana, allowing users to invest in tokens of real homes. Specifically, a share of the three-bedroom apartment in McAllen, Texas, was sold with 2,468 NFTs on offer, with a total value of $246,000.



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