Top LayerZero-based Projects With The Best Airdop Potential

However, not everyone realizes profitable projects early on or the potential opportunity to join them.

Today Coincu will launch a number of projects based on LayerZero that promise to bring great benefits to investors if there is an airdrop.

What is LayerZero?

LayerZero is an omnichain, cross-chain technology that enables decentralized apps to communicate and integrate across several blockchains (Omnichain dApps – OdApps). Message transit across threads is important to interoperability.

LayerZero’s design enables developers to construct odApps as easily as dApps for a single network like Ethereum or Polygon while also using aggregation across networks.

LayerZero lays the ground for the first omnichain apps, allowing lending, AMM, governance, and other services to be completely chain agnostic.

LayerZero validates the information in the same way as an on-chain light node does, but instead of holding all blocks sequentially, the blocks are streamed on demand through decentralized solutions.

This is a novel interoperability paradigm that enhances security fundamentally by coordinating authentication between nodes and Oracle.

Projects built on LayerZero have airdrop potential

Stargate Finance

Stargate Finance is a LayerZero-based cross-chain bridge solution that allows cross-chain token trading quickly, straightforwardly, and seamlessly across numerous blockchains. Stargate Finance, as a Multi-blockchain, supports a variety of platforms, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Optimist, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Fantom.

Stargate Finance is the most prominent name among products built on LayerZero. STG is essentially a blue-chip cross-chain bridge inside LayerZero.

STG token airdrops have not been declared by Stargate Finance. Yet, in their documentation, the Stargate Finance team confirms that 30.39% of their entire STG token supply would be committed to future community activities. Nonetheless, Stargate Finance customers may be eligible for a token airdrop from its ecosystem initiatives.

Stargate DAO just stated that they would receive about 1.6 million Arbitrum tokens (ARB) from their current airdrop. As a consequence, a governance proposal has been proposed to distribute the airdropped ARB tokens with holders of VeSTG tokens.

Pendle Finance

Pendle Finance is an Ethereum Blockchain system that lets users tokenize and trade their assets as well as stake gains before the maturity date.

Pendle Finance offers a solution for deeper liquidity mining for liquid staking derivatives (LSD) projects as well as a new marketplace where users may leverage the APY of the staking asset itself.

Diversifying investment tools will assist the project in attracting user attention and will also aid in the creation of more prospective LSD story ventures.

Pendle’s veTokenomic is the first tokenomic to leverage a cross-chain mechanism – cumulative rewards dispersed to all holders in Pendle’s liquidity pool, cross-chain voting, and reward boosting – based on LayerZero protocol technology.

It is very likely that the project could airdrop users through its Yield Token holdings, as it is also revealing this.

Missed the $ARB airdrop? Plenty of opportunities around still.

It’s #Arbitrum season, are you going to be a part of it, anon?

— Pendle (@pendle_fi) March 24, 2023

Tapioca DAO

Tapioca DAO is a based-LayerZero protocol that offers a lending/borrowing mechanism. It allows users to take out loans against a variety of assets that may be resolved to any chain. The system is administered via the vote-escrowed veTAP token, which allows holders to participate in governance and income sharing.

Tapioca DAO has announced the launch of its testnet. Users participating in the testnet can receive an airdrop in the near future.

2.5 million TAP supplies (2.5%) will be airdropped as oTAP. Participants in the liquidity bootstrap pool will get 1.5 million of these funds. The greater the savings on oTAP call choices, the sooner a user entered LBP.

The airdrop distribution ratio will be 10:3, which implies that if a user purchases 10,000 TAP in LBP, they will get 3,000 OTAP as an airdrop.

— TapiocaDAO (@tapioca_dao) March 1, 2023

Radiant Capital

Radiant Capital, an Arbitrum-based cross-chain lending technology, has released version V2.

It will assist Radiant Capital in converting the existing ERC-20 RDNT tokens to the LayerZero OFT (Omnichain Fungible Token) format, making cross-chain fee sharing more frictionless and enabling for speedier launch on more chains with the V2 version.

Radiant Capital is now the loan platform with the greatest TVL on Arbitrum. As money continues to come to Arbitrum in search of possibilities to get Airdrop via this Layer 2 solution, this project will have numerous conditions for growth in the near future.

Trader Joe

Trader Joe, the Avalanche system’s biggest decentralized exchange (DEX), has announced a cooperation with cross-chain infrastructure solutions platform LayerZero to make its JOE token more adaptable, particularly in terms of capabilities. Interaction between many chains.

Trader Joe’s JOE token will be able to be readily transferred from the original blockchain Avalanche to two additional chains, Arbitrum and BNB Chain, where the DEX exchange has just joined.

ARB governance tokens have been claimed by over 400,000 addresses. Moreover, a smaller liquidity pool on Trader Joe’s had more than $3 million.

Now with the increase in liquidity demand on Arbitrum, users on the platform are very likely to receive an airdrop of tokens such as JOE or ARB as part of their gratitude to traders who provide liquidity on the platform. JOE’s recent performance is also quite good, it can be said that this is a potential project to bring profit if there is a new airdrop (previously Trader Joe has conducted several airdrops).

Mugen Finance

Mugen Finance is a “Yield Management” platform that uses LayerZero technology to link different decentralized platforms. Also, having MGN – the project’s governance token – simplifies garnering interest.

The platform is oriented at decentralization through a community-run “Treasury,” creating and diversifying transparency in the face of several CeDeFi project failures today.

Mugen’s Fund will expand with the amount of MGN Bonds, allowing the project to develop new techniques to improve user productivity.

The project’s reward is ETH, and MGN purchased back from ETH – a sustainable Real Yield method.

The liquidity depth provided by OmniChain will enable Mugen projects to benefit from getting liquidity from users on any Blockchain that LayerZero supports.

The project is currently deployed on ARB, but it will expand to more systems soon. In the coming time, with the development of Arbitrum, the demand for multi-chain asset transfer will also increase. Mugen could start attracting users with an airdrop.

Rage Trade

Rage Trade is a perpetual and yielding protocol based on Arbitrum and LayerZero. Rage claims to be developing the most liquid, composable, and exclusive omnichain ETH perp powered by UNI v3 with fundamental features such as ETH perp with 10x leverage, omnichain recycling liquidity, and yield producing 80-20 Vaults.

Rage Trade does not yet have a token, but the RAGE token is more likely to be produced, and early users may be rewarded. Using Rage may also boost your chances of receiving LayerZero and Arbitrum rumored airdrops.

DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.



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