Solana (SOL) up 9% as Its Mobile Phone Is Set to Go Live Soon, Here’s What to Expect

Solana (SOL) is maintaining a bullish outlook following the recent update that its mobile phone, dubbed Saga, is set to launch in April. According to the official handle for the mobile phone, the set date is April 13, and it is set to push Solana as the first blockchain protocol to blaze this ambitious technology trail.

Everyone has a story. What will yours be?
Start your Saga on 4.13.2023

Solana Mobile Saga Launch Event
Thursday, 4.13.2023, 10am Pacific Time

Stay tuned for live streaming info#SagaSZN

— Solana Mobile 🌱1️⃣3️⃣ (@solanamobile) March 23, 2023

The Solana Mobile phone was hinted at back in 2022 as an Android operating device that will be powered by the Solana blockchain. According to the protocol, the phone will be a direct gateway to Web3.0 and will embody unique features for DeFi professionals, NFT collectors and the most demanding crypto enthusiasts.

The phone is pitched to be a very secure one and is set to grant Solana users a more unified environment from which to access all of the best software features the ecosystem has to offer. The phone also has stunning hardware features that will further put Solana on a par with other known phone makers.

Solana Mobile said the launch date coincides with the time production units will be dropping and, as such, it is encouraging people to preorder to get a copy.

Pent up expectations

By reason of the announcement, Solana’s price has returned to a profitable path, with more than 9% growth over the past week. One crucial expectation that should be looked forward to is the impact on SOL’s price moving forward.

The launch of the Solana Mobile phone is also billed to help stir the growth of other protocols on Solana, including the once-sensational meme coin, BONK. As confirmed earlier by Solana Mobile, there is the possibility that it can facilitate the burning of BONK through the acceptance of the meme coin as a payment model for the phones.

Community members will be eyeing such developments as the number of days to the launch of the phone count down.



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