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Orbs Announces Public Launch of its Decentralized RPC Provider TON Access

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The Telegram Open Network (TON) ecosystem’s leading contributor, Orbs, has announced the public launch of its TON Access service.

TON Access is a decentralized RPC provider that is specifically made for TON decentralized apps (dApps), allowing browser-based HTTP requests to the blockchain state.

After a successful beta testing period, TON Access was officially launched after attracting over 100,000 unique monthly users and processing an average of 1.9 million requests per day.

TON Access was developed as a result of the centralization problems certain well-known dApps on Ethereum, which depend on Infura as the default RPC provider, have encountered.

In projects that are otherwise completely decentralized, dApps may prevent the creation of a centralized point of failure by using a decentralized RPC network like TON Access.

The Orbs Network, which has dozens of independent validators operating Proof-of-Stake consensus and staked assets worth over $100 million, powers TON Access.

By simply putting a small piece of code into their dApp client code, developers on TON may quickly get an RPC endpoint for their dApps through TON Access. The service supports all widely used RPC protocols on TON, including Raw ADNL Proxy, TonCenter HTTP API v2, and TonHub HTTP API v4.

Several of the most well-known dApps on TON are utilizing TON Access, including, the official TON DAO governance platform, TON API, the leading TON blockchain explorer, and Megaton Finance, the most well-known decentralized exchange on TON by TVL.

Orbs have been creating dApps built on the TON platform that are recognized as official TON ecosystem tools by the TON Foundation.

The project’s growing integration with the Telegram messaging platform, according to the company, will lead to TON being the blockchain of widespread adoption.

Developers and users may visit the TON Access Github README or join the Orbs official Telegram channel to learn more about TON Access and the Orbs Network.



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