Matter Labs Has No Plans for zkSync Era Airdrop, But Crypto Twitter Is Speculating

Matter Labs has not announced plans for any token airdrop after disclosing Friday that its zkEVM, zkSync Era, is open to the public.

And Matter Labs CEO Alex Gluchowski told The Block in an interview that “there is no need for a token at this point.”

“The token will be required once you want to decentralize the sequencer,” he said. “In order to have permissionless participation in the validator set, we don’t have anything better than a token right now — like how you make it permissionless. But for now, since we are on this sequencer, it’s not yet necessary.” (As of press time the Matter Labs team had not confirmed the quote to CoinDesk.)

But there was no stopping Crypto Twitter from filling up with speculation that a token might eventually be forthcoming – and encouraging potential users to start racking up transactions on the freshly launched zkSync Era network to qualify for any rewards.

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Twitter also was filled with unconfirmed solicitations related to a possible zkSync airdrop that appeared to have no connection to the project team.

The issue with speculating that a token may be involved is that there’s a degree of risk. No one knows if an airdrop will ever come, much less the inherent value of what a token on zkSync would represent; plus there’s all sorts of bogus offers, and scammers frequently use airdrops to rip people off.

That said, Crypto Twitter traders have started to share their strategies for getting in early on potential zkSync airdrop so they can rack in the possibility of a profit. Suggested options ranged from placing trades on applications on the network to minting an NFT.

Based on the precedent set by many crypto projects, the speculation isn’t totally unfounded.

Arbititrum, a layer 2 scaling solution to Ethereum which has its own Optimistic Rollup, came out with its own long-awaited ARB token, and released it to community members earlier this week. Crypto traders rushed to cash in on ARB, and during the initial drop, the token soared as high as $14 before trading around $1.38 once more users claimed their tokens.

More to the point, traders had been using the network for months to rack up transactions – having anticipated correctly that such metrics would eventually be used to determine who got the airdropped tokens.

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