Internal war breaks out at DefiLlama as ‘rogue’ employees reject token plan

0xngmi, a pseudonymous employee of DefiLlama, is attempting to fork the blockchain data platform after accusing the company’s founders of launching a token without support.

“There is an ongoing attempt to launch a token that does not represent us,” 0xngmi said on Twitter while verifying on-chain that their account had not been hacked. “We don’t want to be associated with it.”

In a Twitter thread yesterday, the data firm hinted at a token airdrop.

The company, Llama Corp., has rebutted that a hostile takeover is underway suggesting that 0xngmi’s actions are independent.

“Llama Corp. will continue operating DefiLlama as it has done for the past three years,” said the company in a statement. “The actions of 0xngmi are regrettable. We are hoping to resolve things privately and amicably.”

0xngmi’s forked platform is currently hosted as Llama.fi. DefiLlama was co-founded by Charlie Watkins and Ben Hauser.

“0xngmi and a few team members have gone rogue, they are actively looking to seize DefiLlama IP and community while inaccurately claiming the rightful owner to be doing a hostile takeover,” according to a post on the DefiLlama Round Up Telegram account.



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