Polkadot Enters the Music Scene with Beatport Partnership

Beatport and Polkadot will collaborate on a new on-chain electronic music platform called, which currently features a waiting list.

The platform aims to allow artists, producers, and record labels to benefit from Web3 while also allowing music fans to explore digital collectibles and deepen their connection to their favorite artists and DJs.

Polkadot new partnership

The two partners will also work on live event activations that celebrate new NFT collections on the platform, with ten events planned over the next 18 months.

Beatport has been a DJ community staple for almost 20 years, with a catalog of over 16 million tracks and a network of almost 100,000 record labels. The platform taps into the community through streaming, plugins, sound packs, and other features that are conducive to the web3 landscape today.

Polkadot’s move into the music and culture vertical with a platform of this size and scale is a relatively quiet start to 2023. The Polkadot-based platform Astar Network hosted a hackathon earlier this year with Toyota as a sponsor. Still, otherwise, the year has been relatively quiet for corporate and cultural partnerships.

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However, this latest partnership with Beatport will likely shake things up for Polkadot.

Music and blockchain

Other web2 music platforms, such as Spotify, have dipped their toes into the sand, while blockchains like Solana and Flow-based ChartStars have aggressively built in this vertical too.

VAULT, a platform from the co-founders of the sports betting platform FanDuel, is being built on Solana, while ChartStars is working with Billboard and Universal Music Group.

Many projects on various chains are working towards changing how we interact with music, and web3 may be the key to making that happen.



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