Breaking: Coinbase Likely To Launch Global Crypto Trading Platform

Coinbase Exchange News: US based crypto exchange Coinbase is reportedly in talks to introduce a trading platform for its overseas customers. According to latest reports, the exchange approached its institutional clients about the prospects of bringing in a new platform. If this goes on to be true and materializes, it will make full sense given the ongoing onlslaught on crypto market by US regulatory agencies. Not long ago, top exchange Binance was indirectly subject to scrutiny with the Paxos BUSD supply enforcement action by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Where Will New Coinbase Global Be Set Up?

The crypto exchange does have its presence in various countries, although it has to deal with the regulations in local jurisdictions. However, it appears that the company is yet to decide on which country to launch the Coinbase Global entity in. A Bloomberg report quoted a Coinbase official as saying Coinbase..

“In line with its mission to increase global crypto adoption, it (Coinbase) assesses geographic options and meets with government officials in high-bar regulatory jurisdictions.”

The report said the exchange’s management communicated with its clients — market makers and investment firms — to discuss its intention of having an alternative venue for global business.

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