Binance Swaps Out BUSD in SAFU Fund for TUSD & USDT

Fellow Binancians, Since Paxos announced that it would no longer be minting new BUSD, Binance has swapped out BUSD holdings in the Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) for TUSD and USDT. This swap is to ensure that assets in SAFU continue to protect users in the long term as the BUSD market capitalization continues to decrease over time. This change will be of no impacton users, and these funds will continue to be on publicly verifiable addresses. BUSD will continue to be supported on Binance. The SAFU fund will be observed closely to ensure that it is sufficiently capitalized, and topped up periodically, as necessary, using Binance’s own funds. List of SAFU Wallet Addresses:

  • BNB and USDT (BEP20): 0x4B16c5dE96EB2117bBE5fd171E4d203624B014aa
  • TUSD (ERC20): 0x4B16c5dE96EB2117bBE5fd171E4d203624B014aa

For More Information:

  • Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)



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