Uniswap V3 To Deploy On Avalanche Will Open Voting On March 12

Previously, Uniswap V3 applied for a 2-year copyright commercial protection for its core code before it went live on the Ethereum mainnet on May 5, 2021. This protection limits the improper commercial use of the Uniswap V3 core code within two years. The protection period will officially end on April 1.

Uniswap stated that its copyright protection restrictions could be changed through protocol governance, and it can be transferred from Business Source License 1.1 (BSL) to GPL license in advance through governance.

The proposal had previously been voted on with temperature checks. Blockchain at Michigan, the initiator of the proposal, said:

“With the BSL expiring on April 1st, the Uniswap Foundation has stated 2 the importance of Uniswap v3 expansion to popular EVM chains. Establishing Uniswap on alt L1s–and not just on Ethereum L2s–is vital for establishing a robust, multichain future. After consulting with the Ava Labs team, we believe that this is a crucial and opportune time for Uniswap to expand to Avalanche’s growing ecosystem.”

To simplify cross-chain message transfer between Ethereum and Avalanche, Uniswap suggests employing LayerZero, an omnichain bridging solution. LayerZero already supports both Avalanche and Ethereum.

In addition, the Uniswap community is conducting a temperature check vote on the proposal to “deploy Uniswap v3 to the Kava EVM network”, and the voting will end on March 13.

Previously, Uniswap DAO also approved a proposal to support the deployment of Uniswap V3 on the BNB Chain.

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