Ethereum (ETH) Going to Valhalla, Says Former Ark Invest Analyst

Chris Burniske, the former crypto lead at Ark Invest, recently made a bold prediction about Ethereum’s future on the market. In a recent statement, Burniske suggested that Ethereum will lead investors to Valhalla next.

The analyst believes that the second-biggest cryptocurrency on the market will soon experience a volatility spike that will send ETH to new highs that they have not been seen before. This prediction is based on Burniske’s extensive analysis of the Ethereum network and its potential for growth.

Burniske is particularly optimistic about the upcoming Shanghai update implementation. He believes that this upgrade will be a turning point for Ethereum, as it will bring a significant improvement to the network’s scalability, security and overall performance. He expects a breakout of the Ethereum/Bitcoin pair after the update is implemented, which will drive the price of ETH to new heights.

$ETH looking like it wants to lead us to Valhalla next

— Chris Burniske (@cburniske) February 8, 2023

However, not everyone shares Burniske’s optimism. Some analysts believe that ETH may face unprecedented selling pressure after the Shanghai update, due to stacking funds being unlocked. The argument is that investors who have been stacking their funds for a long time may want to cash out after the update, which could cause a significant drop in the price of ETH.

Despite these opposing views, Burniske remains confident in his prediction. He believes that Ethereum has the potential to become the leading cryptocurrency on the market and that it will lead investors to Valhalla, the mythical Norse hall of the slain, where heroes feast for eternity. This is his way of saying that Ethereum will deliver a substantial return on investment for investors who are brave enough to take the risk.



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