Dogecoin Adoption Expands, Here Are Businesses That Accept DOGE Now

Crypto payments processor CoinGate has commented on the recent tweet of Elon Musk, in which the tech mogul confirmed that his offer to McDonald’s about accepting Dogecoin is still valid.

The CoinGate tweet contains a list of companies it works with that accept the most popular meme coin, DOGE.

Who accepts Dogecoin? 👀

While we wait for @McDonalds to accept #Dogecoin so we can see @elonmusk eating Happy Meal on TV, here are businesses accepting #doge already for your daily needs. 👇

— CoinGate (@CoinGatecom) January 27, 2023

Here’s where you can spend your DOGE

CoinGate shared a list of retail businesses that can help average users with their daily needs for payment in Dogecoin, showing that the adoption of DOGE keeps expanding.

The official account of the payment processor named several business spheres and companies in them that accept DOGE – companies that provide VPN services, a seller of plane tickets, VPS hosting and even a charity that helps save the lives of deserted dogs.

Finally, CoinGate mentioned an opportunity to utilize Dogecoin with more than 2,000 various brands, including Nike, Airbnb and Spotify, using gift cards produced by the company.

Lastly, you can use #dogecoin for goods and services by purchasing gift cards.
Serve your daily needs with Target, Eneba, Steam, Nike, Airbnb, Spotify, and 2000+ brands with @CoinGatecom gift cards.

— CoinGate (@CoinGatecom) January 27, 2023

Elon Musk keeps his DOGE offer to McDonald’s fully open

As reported by U.Today, Twitter boss and tech billionaire Elon Musk earlier today confirmed in one of his replies on Twitter that he is still eager to conduct the exchange he offered to McDonald’s a year ago, related to them starting to accept Dogecoin.

The offer was made initially on Twitter when Musk said that if the fast food giant began accepting DOGE, he would eat a Happy Meal – a combination set for children with a main dish, a side dish, a drink and a toy – live on TV. However, McDonald’s declined the offer, stating in response that Tesla should begin first to accept an imaginary crypto called “Grimacecoin.”

Elon Musk’s companies accept DOGE

After today’s tweet by Musk was reposted by the DogeDesigner Twitter user, some DOGE fans in the comments opined that perhaps the fast food giant would now decide to reconsider Musk’s offer.

As for Tesla and other companies run by Musk, Tesla itself and SpaceX are already accepting the meme token for their merchandise.

Last October, The Boring Company of Musk also joined them briefly as it sold “The Burnt Hair” collectible perfume. Crypto payments were possible thanks to BitPay and payment options, aside from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top coins, included Dogecoin and Shiba Inu meme cryptocurrencies.

At the time of this writing, Dogecoin is trading at $0.08533, rising over 5% in the past 24 hours.



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