Sydney-based Hotcoin Global Adds Shiba Inu Via Simplex

Sydney-based cryptocurrency exchange Hotcoin Global added support for Shiba Inu (SHIB)and others cryptos via Simplex.

Hotcoin Global, a leading digital asset trading platform, has recently partnered with Simplex, a financial service provider, to allow its customers to seamlessly purchase top cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu (SHIB), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH) using a credit or debit card.

As per the announcement, this partnership with Simplex enables Hotcoin’s customers to have a seamless experience in buying and trading digital assets.

🚀 We’re excited to launch with our new partner @HotcoinGlobal, enabling their customers to seamlessly buy #BTC #ETH #USDT and other top #cryptocurrencies!

🦾 #Hotcoin users can now onramp, trade and earn #crypto – all within one platform👉 https://t.co/nXMtdg0mHC pic.twitter.com/6pLz4pjmTs

— Simplex (@SimplexCC) January 20, 2023

Hotcoin Global is a digital asset trading platform that was established in 2017, and it is based in Australia. The platform offers its users the ability to trade over 330 different cryptocurrencies. As of 2022, Hotcoin Global has grown to have an estimated 5 million active users, and its daily transaction volume is measured in billions of dollars. Hotcoin Global is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX).

Apart from this, as reported earlier by The Crypto Basic, Robinhood’s much-awaited smartphone app named ‘Robinhood Wallet’ is being rolled out to its 1 million waitlisted users. The app was initially launched as Beta and used the Polygon network. In the final update, the Robinhood team confirmed that now it has added support for the Ethereum network. This means that users of Robinhood Wallet can now swap and transfer certain ERC-20 tokens, such as Shiba Inu, on the Ethereum network. This expansion of supported networks provides more flexibility and options for Robinhood Wallet users to manage and trade their digital assets.



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