Integral Launches New Crypto Technology Solution

Integral, a major forex trading technology provider, announced on Thursday the launch of Integral Digital, a trading and client distribution platform to support cryptocurrencies and fiat-backed stablecoins. The new infrastructure service came as an extension of the company’s existing services for the forex trading industry.

Integral Enters the Digital Asset Space

“In one big step, Integral is reshaping the landscape of digital asset technology,” said Harpal Sandhu, the CEO of Integral. “By extending the leading fiat currency technology, which processes more than $1 trillion in monthly transactions, digital asset businesses no longer need to settle for sub-par technology and credit solutions.”

Established in 1993, Integral primarily provides cloud-based SaaS FX workflow solutions and targets a broad range of buy-side forex market participants, including banks, brokers, asset managers, and hedge funds.

Check out the Virtual Vision Finance session on the topic “Insight for a New Era,” where Integral’s CEO, Harpal Sandhu was a panelist.

Integral’s New Crypto Service

Integral has developed the new platform by bringing Mint Exchange Inc, an institutional crypto exchange, as a partner. It supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, CoDEX, and 100+ ERC-20 tokens.

Further, the services of Integral Digital include aggregation and connectivity to over 30 crypto liquidity providers, desktop and mobile client trading, risk management, and custody solutions with both hot and cold storage. All the services can be tapped with a monthly subscription and can be integrated with proprietary and third-party technology providers via FIX and Rest APIs.

Furthermore, Integral’s new platform offers a Prime Brokerage solution, offering direct market access to multiple exchanges and market makers with a single account. According to the company, its Prime Brokerage service minimizes netting across multiple venues and reduces collateral requirements.

All of Integral’s new services around digital assets are available to both regulated and unregulated digital asset businesses globally.

“Together with our partners at Mint Exchange, we are able to bring direct connectivity to every major source of crypto liquidity combined with state-of-the-art custody solutions and the highest availability trading infrastructure, all delivered from our cloud data centers in New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore,” Sandhu added.

Over the several months, Integral strengthened its executive positions with external hires. Last October, the company onboarded Judy Goh as a Managing Director and the Head of Sales for Asia Pacific. Furthermore, it bolstered its sales team by hiring Paul Spillman and Roland Schilling as Directors.



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