Bitcoin Transactions Without Smartphones: How Machankura’s Wallet Makes This Possible

Users in Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, and five other African nations may now send and receive bitcoin (BTC) without a smartphone or an internet connection.

Sending and receiving Bitcoin (BTC) has never been easier than using Machankura’s digital wallet with a cheap feature phone, since all you need is a brief code delivered by text message. Machankura is a Bitcoin wallet that uses the Lightning Network, allowing instant and inexpensive Bitcoin transactions. The service facilitates simple and intuitive Bitcoin transfers.

In order to access the registration menu and enter a PIN, first-time users can call a country code, such as “9208333#” for Ghana or “4838333#” for Kenya. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to a second menu where you can do things like send and receive Bitcoin and examine your transaction history.

Personalized Lightning addresses are one of Machankura’s most attractive characteristics. These addresses are significantly simpler to enter on feature phones with multi-press text entry since they are shorter than standard Lightning invoice addresses and are the length of a typical email handle.

This facilitates address entry on basic mobile devices. A user’s phone number and Machankura’s “” domain make up the Lightning address by default. Phone numbers can also be hidden by using these addresses, which users can customize.

Machankura has integrated services like Bitrefill and Azteco, allowing users to spend their sats on regular items or redeem coupons for Bitcoin once they have Bitcoin in their wallet. Due to this, Bitcoin transactions may be performed with minimal effort.
Because Machankura is a custodial wallet, customers must entrust the firm with their Bitcoin rather than keeping it in their own possession.

Over the next few years, Machankura creator Kgothatso Ngako hopes to raise funds to be able to operate in all 54 African countries.



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