Ripple CTO Responds to XRP-Hating AI Chatbot

David Schwartz, Ripple’s chief technology officer, has responded to some anti-XRP arguments that have been put forward by ChatGPT, a prototype AI chatbot that was recently introduced by San Francisco, California-based research laboratory OpenAI.

Echoing Bitcoin maximalists and other XRP critics, the dialogue-based AI chat interface provided detailed responses to questions about the cryptocurrency’s alleged centralization. In particular, the conversation was centered around Ripple’s ability to control the XRP Ledger.

When asked how the company can technically push through a change without reaching an 80% consensus, the bot argued that Ripple is capable of enforcing this with a technical feature that is not available to the public. It added that the fact that the XRP Ledger is open source doesn’t matter since the company might have certain “administrative privileges” that are not fully disclosed in the public source code.

In response, Schwartz said that the same argument could apply to the Bitcoin blockchain since Ripple might have “some secret way” to control it as well.

Despite attracting plenty of attention with its answers over the past few days, ChatGPT is far from perfect since many of its answers are flat-out wrong. Based on various tests, the chatbot is pretty bad at being logical or factual.



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