Here’s How XRP’s Value Can Finally Be Realized: Max Avery

Max Avery, whose personal website states that he is US nationally recognized entrepreneur, international trade consultant, politician and also a political commentator, has taken to Twitter to extend his support to Ripple-affiliated cryptocurrency XRP.

“XRP provides massive utility”

Avery tweeted that XRP offers “massive utility” and is a perfect platform for payment facilitation. He believes that the value of this token can finally be realized gradually as its adoption grows wider and its usage goes live around the world.

Avery believes that as opposed to the high level of XRP utility, other cryptocurrency projects, many of them, are based only on speculation.

$XRP provides massive utility and masterfully serves the purpose of payment facilitation. The value of #XRP can finally be realized as adoption increases & usage goes live, unlike many other #crypto projects that are based purely on [email protected] has proven utility = value

— Max Avery (@realMaxAvery) December 4, 2022

XRP’s social dominance rises with potential price rise on horizon

As reported by U.Today over the weekend, Santiment on-chain data firm shared that XRP, XLM and SNT have been trending with their social dominance going significantly up.

This signifies that chances of a price surge for these three altcoins are higher than usual. Still, according to Santiment, there might be also a chance of a quick sell-off, while these tokens are trending.

So far, XRP, the seventh largest digital currency, has been down 4.77 percent since November 30, exchanging hands at $0.3915, as per data provided by CoinMarketCap.

Still, whales have been quite active with this token, moving large amount of it over the weekend – more than 150 million XRP. Over the past 24 hours, an amount under 100 million coins was also shoveled by anonymous whales to the Bitstamp exchange.



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