Ripple Partner Airwallex Joins Forces with Agoda Global Digital Travel Platform in Singapore

According to a recent article by Fintech Financial News, Ripple partner — major global fintech platform Airwallex — which has been a member of RippleNet since 2017, has inked a partnership with another popular platform, Agoda.

Unlike Airwallex, it operates in the travel industry and is a major company in this space working in Asia and around the world. Now, these two giants have joined forces for the benefit of their clients.

Airwallex and Agoda’s partnership

The aforementioned partnership will enable business travelers from Hong Kong SMEs to reserve hotels and other accommodations, getting large discounts from Airwallex. Clients of both companies will gain from this partnership, receiving large amounts of cashback booking airfare and accommodation in numerous countries around the globe. Airwallex Borderless Cards will help them here, per the source.

In the last month, travel have become increasingly popular as pandemic restrictions have been gradually lifted. According to a recent survey conducted by Airwallex for SMEs in Hong Kong, over 80% of respondents intend to go on a business trip within the next half year.

As for the coming 12 months, this figure gets even higher and reaches 93% of positive replies in the poll. Twenty-six percent plan to travel to Southeast Asia, 17% are heading to Europe and 9% to Australia. Other destinations that the respondents mentioned were Mainland China, the U.K. and the U.S.

Airwallex and Agoda are considering this recovery from pandemic travel restrictions a chance for future expansion.



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