On-chain Sleuth Proves Crypto Analyst Engaged With Undisclosed Promo

ZachXBT, an on-chain sleuth, claims to have found an example of Ben Armstrong aka Bitboy dabbling in an undisclosed promo after an investigation. The investigation was examined after BitBoy had challenged another Twitter user, GrindingPoet, to prove if Armstrong and his team had ever conducted an undisclosed promotion in October.

Bitboy claims they do not do undisclosed promotions. Spent a few minutes looking and immediately found an example. https://t.co/JeJcsZLnOx pic.twitter.com/h0bTwj2fvw

— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) December 4, 2022

In the Twitter post, ZachXBT shares some photos about how Bitboy Crypto tweeted about Meta legends NFTs. Last year, Ben Armstrong tweeted about Meta legends NFTs, while Justin and Deezy talked about the advantages of the NFTs and how it is one of the popular crypto projects in a Youtube video titled “Top 3 Crypto Projects This Week.”

Furthermore, ZachXBT shares the picture of crypto transactions which implied that 15,000 USDT was transferred to Bitboy as a payment for the promotion. The on-chain sleuth further then shares the address of Bitboy Crypto.

Accepting the mistake, Ben Armstrong tweets about how they were surprised about this transaction, and after a further investigation from their side, Bitboy claimed, “It is true.”

Zach reached out to me this morning about this. We investigated this and it is true. I was shocked, but Justin and Deezy made a mistake here. They were surprised also and didn’t realize it. Regardless we are going to be giving $15k away tomorrow to 3 users affected by FTX.

— Ben Armstrong (@Bitboy_Crypto) December 5, 2022

Furthermore, speaking about the deal made in October, Ben Armstrong tweeted:

Also want to be very clear here. I told Grinding Poet if he found it I would pay him $10k. He did not find it. Zach did. That was not the deal. This guy doesn’t get paid for Zach’s work.

To rectify the mistakes “discovered” by the on-chain sleuth, Bitboy tweets $15,000 will be given away. Bitboy then conducts a poll to help him decide who the 15k should go to. Even though the majority (57.3%) voted that $15K should be given to ZachXBT during the poll, Bitboy tweets that $15K will be given to the 3 users who were affected by the FTX crash.



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