LongHash Ventures and Axelar to Introduce First Global Accelerator

Axelar, cross-chain communication systems for Web3, and LongHash Ventures, Asia’s first Web3 Accelerator and one of the region’s top Web3 startup funds, have collaborated to develop the LongHashX Accelerator Cohort 10 Axelar Cohort. https://twitter.com/axelarcore/status/1572229209912930305?s=20&t=Q0A5yfSsSu9S-SLiklvJmA Axelar is teaming up with LongHash Ventures for its first development program after the success of its initial awards initiative. The Cohort 10 of the LongHashX Accelerator program intends to speed up early-stage teams and cross-chain product development.

Axelar Suitable to LongHashX

Given the multi-chain concept of LongHash Ventures and the program’s goal of accelerating Web 3.0 startups with multi-chain use cases, Axelar is a suitable ecosystem partner for the LongHashX Accelerator. Axelar links to more than 20 blockchain ecosystems, enabling dApp users to engage with any asset or application – on any chain – with a single click. Due to LongHash Ventures’ significant expertise in managing accelerator programs, Axelar chose to work with them. Additionally, LongHash Ventures can connect project teams with top-notch mentors and investors worldwide because of its strong local connections and network in the Asia Pacific area.

General Message Passing (GMP)

The general message passing (GMP) capability of the Axelar network, which enables programmers to execute any function on any dApp, on any chain, is a feature that LongHash Ventures is interested in supporting for multi-chain applications. Teams may create “super apps” using GMP that combine assets and functionality from other chains to provide consumers with smooth integration. Additionally, LongHash Ventures is drawn to groups that employ several chains in modular patterns. By offering developer and technical assistance, Axelar will assist projects selected for the program in becoming multi-chain and exploring the potential of modular solutions to get the most out of each chain for their specific use case.

LongHash To Feature Seminars

About Web 3.0 product planning and design, tokenomics, governance, tech mentorship, community development, and funding, the LongHashX Accelerator Cohort 10 will feature several seminars and fireside talks spread across six modules. LongHashX will invest $100,000 in the enterprises it chooses, together with support to help them find other investors. The internal venture builders at LongHashX Accelerator will also regularly hold one-on-one problem-solving sessions to assist founders in resolving their issues throughout the six modules of the program. The LongHashX Accelerator Cohort 10 application period is available until November 11, 2022.



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