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Dragonfly Capital’s Managing Partner Says Cardano Has Religion Without Technology, Charles Hoskinson Reacts

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Charles Hoskinson gave a sarcastic response to comments about Cardano being more of a religious community.

In a recent interview, Haseeb Qureshi, the Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital, disclosed the reason why some of the big players in the cryptocurrency space are disassociating themselves from Cardano. 

Quereshi said “super rich and powerful and extremely attractive people” do not think about investing in Cardano because the project has only religion and no technology. 

“Every investor understands that cryptocurrency is a combination of technology and religion. You have to have both. You can’t just have one,” Quereshi was quoted as saying. 

He said while Cardano has religion, the popular crypto project does not have the necessary technology to attract rich investors. 

“The problem is that if it has only religion without technology, you will become more of a religious community. And technologists are very turned off by that,” he added. 

The reason “investors” aka “super rich and powerful and extremely attractive people” don’t think about Cardano is because it has religion but no technology.

Full discussion (and disclaimer 😆🤝) with @cryptomanran @twobitidiot @hosseeb

cc: @IOHK_Charles

— St₳kΣ with Pride 🌈 Ardana & Hosky ISPO (@StakeWithPride) August 5, 2022

Cardano Enthusiasts Blast Quereshi

Quereshi’s derogatory comments about Cardano angered supporters of the project, who took to the comment section on Twitter to air their grievances. 

A major Cardano influencer who goes by the pseudonym ADA Whale was among the people who bashed Quereshi for saying Cardano has only religion without technology. 

Who the fk is the bottom left clown?

— ADA whale (@cardano_whale) August 5, 2022

ADA Whale shared an old tweet from the Cardano development team, Input Output Global (IOG), showing the technological roadmap of the blockchain. 

CaRdANo Has No TeChnoLoGy

TAG HIM. This unbearable bullshit has to stop

— ADA whale (@cardano_whale) August 5, 2022

Cardano Founder Reaction

While many Cardano enthusiasts openly blasted Quereshi for the comment, Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, responded with a caustic response. 

Hoskinson noted that since Cardano only has religion, they should pack up and leave the project, shut down all research academies, fire all engineers, and buy some religious robes while leaving. 

“Need some volunteers for pricing bulk kool-aid orders,” Hoskinson said, adding: “We might as well shut down all those academic research centers and fire hundreds of engineers while we are at it.” 

So there you have it folks. We only got religion here. No tech. Pack up your bags. Let’s buy some robes. Need some volunteers for pricing bulk kool-aid orders. We might as well shut down all those academic research centers and fire the hundreds of engineers while we are at it.

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) August 5, 2022

Meanwhile, Hoskinson has publicly slammed venture capitalists for not supporting Cardano like other projects. 

However, he noted that since VCs do not want to give Cardano the needed support to push the project to greater heights, the community will rally around to get things done themselves.  



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