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The Projected Impact of FIFA World Cup Sponsorship by

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There are very few opportunities that can match the biggest event in the world’s most popular sport, football. Recent news on shows the firm has bagged the title of official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA world cup that will be hosted by Qatar. With a 4 billion strong fan base by 2020, what does the 2022 FIFA World Cup sponsorship mean for and the blockchain world? Read on.

What is to be Expected of the Deal?’s official world cup sponsor status means the firm’s name will be a constant during the event. It will receive the most comprehensive package of global advertisement, marketing, and promotional rights for the Qatar 2022 games. The rights cover the FIFA world cup as well as the FIFA confederations cup, inclusive of the final competition itself. is a crypto exchange platform that supports a wide range of crypto-related activities. They include crypto trade, investments, staking, wallet services, and many others. Its ads running on such a global stage means many other third-party crypto firms that are its clients will benefit a lot.

The Impact of FIFA Sponsorship Deal by

The FIFA sponsorship deal will have a profound impact on and the crypto community as a whole in the following ways.

1. Universal Acknowledgement of Cryptos

The first impact of’s official FIFA sponsor status relates to crypto awareness. News about cryptos will have a larger footprint in mainstream media following the huge expected marketing during the event. More and more people will know about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain world. The knowledge will start from but certainly, go beyond just’s reviews, news, and other related articles will be the first to pop up all over. Its name may likely top cryptocurrency news charts for a while, thanks to the massive reach that World Cup events offer. Since the firm is an exchange platform, it’s a good conduit for other crypto projects getting to the limelight. A good sneak peeks of what is to come is the crypto marketing blitz during the US Superbowl. Highlights of huge sports figures participating such as Lebron James pitching for etched in the minds of sports enthusiasts. The 30-second Superbowl ads that can set back a firm $7 million got conversations on crypto going in the US, both good and bad. The world cup is a much larger event, the conversation that will be created should drive a universal acknowledgment of cryptos.

2. Increased Crypto Adoption

The most logical next step after a global sensitization on crypto is adoption. Many people have never bothered to invest in digital assets simply because they have no idea of what cryptos entail.’s position in the world cup marks the perfect window of change from that. As a major crypto exchange, the platform will drive a call to action around the globe in terms of investments. ICOs are bound to start receiving more investors, as more people learn of the returns on offer as news about cryptos becomes more common. Crypto adoption by people will get a heavy boost, with itself getting the first attention.

3. Big Gains For and Play-to-Earn NFTs’ prices’s coin price predictions point to massive gains in light of its adverts for the World Cup. It is quite likely that a reshuffling of the top crypto exchange platforms by market cap could soon be underway. The exchange is a key supporter of NFTs. Its enviable position as the Qatar 2022 FIFA world cup official sponsor is probably the best news play-to-earn NFT projects can ever wish for. While the video gaming world has some 3.24 billion participants, play-to-earn games are having a hard time taking a big slice of the market. Sensitization has been the biggest problem, the right marketing platform always seems too far away. That’s until’s FIFA sponsorship opportunity. The exchange platform is bound to be the driver of play-to-earn games adoption with its premiere marketing position at the world’s largest sporting event. A study has shown that around 56% of all people who learn about play-to-earn games prefer switching to it and earning from their passion. More participants of the gaming world will be reached by’s ads than in any advertisement before.

4. Quicker Recovery from the Bear Market

There is a market-wide bearish sentiment lately plaguing assets such as cryptos and stocks. The primary causative action is the interest rate hikes by the FED, marking the biggest rise in 22 years. The expected increase in interest, as well as adoption as a result of FIFA 2022 sponsorship by, should boost trade volumes. It may just be the reprive the crypto markets need to turn around the plunge in prices. As expected,’s coin price predictions will be among the most attractive as the wave gradually sweeps through the blockchain world. The reason behind such expectations lies in how cryptos are priced. Crypto coin values are primarily determined by the forces of demand and supply. The expected increase in demand should stimulate price increases with time, possibly setting up recovery to where they were before the plunge.

Author’s Note

The expected impact of the 2022 FIFA World Cup sponsorship by will be profound. The nature of the company as a crypto exchange will make the impact more sector-wide rather than localized to the platform. A more universal acknowledgement of cryptos is the first expected impact. With a wider reach of people knowing about cryptos, its adoption is bound to increase in a big way. More adoption should spur a quicker recovery from bearish markets. But perhaps the biggest gainers besides shall be play-to-earn NFT games. A global sports-induced marketing platform is their perfect global conquest launchpad.



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