Ledger Adding Browser Extension to Connect Hardware Wallets to Web 3 Apps

Ledger is adding a browser extension on Safari called Ledger Connect that will allow users of Ledger hardware wallets to easily connect with Web 3 applications without the need for third party dependencies. Ledger Connect also has a security layer that will flag customers when certain apps appear suspicious.

The new feature will initially be compatible with the Ledger Nano X and Mobile Safari. Ledger will be compatible with Ethereum and Solana during its beta launch before branching out to other protocols, the company said in a blog post Tuesday.

Additionally, Ledger says that support for its Ledger Nano S Plus and Desktop will occur at a later time.

Ledger’s vice president of product, Charles Hamel, said the development is meant to ease the process of setting up a wallet for users, since it connects one’s wallet directly to a browser with “no hackable software in the middle.”

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