10,000 Ethereum (ETH) Worth 21,074,978 USD Transferred From Unknown Wallet

  • The psychological $2,000 level was recaptured in today’s session.
  • ETH began the day with a gloomy outlook.

The price of ETH is steadily rising as the crypto market experienced a relief rally. ETH began the day with a gloomy outlook, but the purchasers rallied and pushed the price upward. The price of the cryptocurrency surged past the $2,000 level due to the rise. Despite this, the asset’s negative pressure remained strong.

After falling to a low of $1,701, the ETH price has begun to recover. The psychological $2,000 level was recaptured in today’s session. However, the asset’s general decline continued to overwhelm any gains. There are no signs of a breakout yet, as the price trades below key moving averages and resistance levels during all periods. Any short-term increase may thus be seen as a further opportunity for creating short positions until there is substantial confirmation of the upside.

Coins and other digital assets have seen a major bounce after more than $30 billion came into the market in 24 hours. After bouncing off the $26,660 support level, Bitcoin has now reclaimed $30,000 as a level of resistance. After the collapse of Terra’s UST, many investors were surprised by the quick spike. Still, Bitcoin looks to be in a position to continue to rise.

Whale Alert

In its databases, Whale Alert compiles all of the transactions from various blockchains, analyses them, and then saves them in a uniform style. With artificial intelligence (AI), these databases are regularly updated with thousands of known individual addresses, exchanges, and addresses.

🚨 🚨 10,000 #ETH (21,074,978 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #FTX

— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) May 13, 2022

An anonymous wallet has sent 10,000 ETH to FTX from an unidentified wallet. The analytics and monitoring business said that the transaction was valued at 21,074,978 USD. Transaction data shows that the transaction happened at 15:39:27 UTC on May 13, 2022.



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