Billionaire Mark Cuban Is Making Big Changes to His Crypto Portfolio – Here’s a Look at His Ethereum Wallet

Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Ethereum wallet is offering a glimpse at the Shark Tank investor’s latest crypto portfolio shuffle.

According to Ethereum search engine EtherScan, ETH remains the top asset in Cuban’s wallet, but Circle’s USDC stablecoin has now appeared at the number two spot.

At time of writing, there is currently 260,462 USDC in Cuban’s Ethereum wallet, which is more than 54% of the portfolio. USDC was not present in his portfolio up until late last month.

Coming in at number 3 is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), a decentralized ecosystem for data sharing and associated services.  The crypto bull has 128619.2 OCEAN valued at roughly $64,249, or about 13% of his wallet.

Cuban’s fourth-biggest crypto holding is RARI, the governance token on creator-centric non-fungible token (NFT) platform Rarible. The investor has 6632 RARI valued at $51,132.

Following RARI in the billionaire’s wallet is gOHM, the governance for the Olympus decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). He currently has 5.9 gOHM worth $18,921.

Cuban also has a bag of AUDIO, which is the native token on decentralized music streaming protocol Audius. The Dallas Mavericks owner has 10000 AUDIO worth about $12,687.45.

Cuban’s wallet became public when he revealed his NFT collection on Lazy, and blockchain sleuths have been tracking it ever since. It isn’t clear whether the billionaire has crypto wallets in other locations.

In an interview with Fortune, the tech entrepreneur recently stated that he was “very bullish” on ETH for the near future. He identified the merge, which will take Ethereum from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake system, as a key catalyst of growth for the second biggest crypto asset by market cap.

He also said that as the merge makes mining obsolete, the overall supply of ETH will likely dwindle and support upward pressure. Cuban predicts that by the time the merge is complete, ETH will be on its way to becoming a deflationary asset.



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