SkyArk- The RPG of Play And Earn Gaming

After the biggest year in cryptocurrency history, everyone is asking a big question. What will 2022 bring to the crypto market? With over 100 new projects being created every day and 80 cryptocurrencies reaching market capitalizations above USD$1 billion, the market is now appealing to more than just investors. In fact, crypto is starting to impact just about every industry in our lives. One industry that has the market excited is gaming. The current gaming market is worth USD$173.70 billion and is set to reach highs of USD$314.4 billion by 2025. However, this estimate doesn’t include DeFi gaming. With technology for DeFi gaming rapidly increasing, it’s a market we could see revolutionize the way current gamers play. 

In the current gaming industry gamers play for entertainment. They play outside of work hours or live stream games to make an income. Blockchain technology is looking to change this. Innovative projects now provide gamers with the chance to earn as they play. Whilst playing, they can earn in-game currency that can be sold, as well as NFTs that can be sold on the market. These NFTs come in the form of in-game features, such as land and items for characters. This form of NFT has proven to be so popular that over USD$106M worth of metaverse land was sold in the first week of December. Now an innovative new company is looking to take this one step further, combining RPG gaming with the metaverse. SkyArk, the founding team of SkyArk Chronicles, is looking to revolutionize the future of gaming with Game-Fi and Dapps. Their first game, SkyArk Chronicles is currently in development and has already sparked interest in the market. Here’s what they have to offer. 

Why Is SkyArk The Next Big Thing In Gaming?

SkyArk is an upcoming DeFi gaming company that has the gaming industry talking. Specializing in the development of Dapps, the company has one of the best development teams in the world of crypto, consisting of over 36 members. The team aims to take DeFi gaming to a new level, creating triple-A titles to captivate the current gaming industry. Their first game SkyArk Chronicles is in development. It consists of three games House of Heroes, Legends Arise and Mirrorverse that will include interoperable NFTs that can be used across all three game titles. To achieve this, the team is building a unique NFT Game Engine that will connect each game they develop. 

Whilst the current market focuses on the new play to earn model, SkyArk wants to give people a real reason to keep playing. The team has outlined that although games may soon be a great way for gamers to make an income, income alone may not be what keeps them playing. Instead, SkyArk wants to combine income potential with games that are exciting to play. Think of games such as GTA but you earn a real income whilst playing. Given their huge goals for the industry as well as the team behind the project, SkyArk has already been one of only nine projects selected during the third Binance Incubation Round. They’ve been praised for their innovative approach to DeFi gaming and their potential to impact the gaming market, with their first game being released in early 2022. 

SkyArks First Release- Sky Ark Chronicles

Sky Ark Chronicles will be the first release by SkyArk in 2022 consisting of 3 unique games. The game is a fantasy-verse anime RPG, in which players have been set the objective of finding Satoshi Nakamoto. During this journey, players will discover a unique storyline and several mysteries whilst they travel. Each player will be able to create their own characters, all of which can be developed and upgraded whilst playing. They can also play with friends and complete raids in a group or by themselves. 

Whilst playing, gamers will earn rewards in the form of NFTs and SkyArk ($SAR), the primary in-game currency. Once earned, they can be staked for additional rewards, traded on the market or saved up to buy upgraded items and powerups as players progress through the game. $SAR can also be used for improving character skill sets as well as a governance token. During gameplay, players can also earn a second currency called Relic Energy Ore ($REO), which is earned by defeating monsters and completing missions. It’s used to purchase power-ups as well as for character features such as attributes, levels and collectables. To make NFTs more practical, they will also have their own unique benefits. These could include additional loot, more damage and special in-game perks that allow players to get the best outcome during their missions. 


SkyArk is promoting cooperation throughout each of their games, starting with guilds in Sky Ark Chronicles. In the game, players can form their own guilds consisting of friends, players they’ve played with in the past, or random people who just want to have fun. Cooperation adds a whole new level to the game, with teams earning exclusive items, powerups and unique experiences as they discover the world around them. 


SkyArk has thought about every type of gamer during its development. As well as providing gamers with the opportunity to explore a new world, and profit whilst doing so, they also provide players with the option to own land. This land, known as SkyLands, will allow players to build their own farms, cities and mine for resources. These resources can be sold for in-game currency, speeding up the process in which gamers level up. If gamers prefer to explore, they also have the option of leasing their land to other gamers and in the process earning an income for doing so. 

The Future of SkyArk Gaming 

With SkyArk developing three potentially revolutionary games for the DeFi market, it’s a project that has created a lot of hype in the market. It’s one of the only development projects that has promised triple-A games in the future, with the team consistently looking to break the boundaries of blockchain gaming. With its first release coming out in 2022, its success will be determined by how the team meet customer expectations and continue to work on their games post-release.



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