Safe with $4m worth of cryptocurrencies stolen from billionaire’s home

TL;DR Breakdown

• Billionaire offers a $500000 reward for his $4m of cryptocurrencies safe.
• External cryptocurrencies wallet is stolen with other valuables in a safe.

The cryptocurrency market turned gray today amid news of a new crypto heist. A safe with $4m worth of cryptocurrencies was stolen from the house of a billionaire man in Auckland, a city on the north island of New Zealand.

According to announcements, Mark Geor, a crypto enthusiast, lost his virtual funds stored in a safe. As the decentralized market gains fame worldwide, more people are getting scammed or robbed. Geor is offering a reward of $500,000 for its stolen safe.

Millionaire safe with cryptos is stolen

New Zealand has become a haven for the rich and millionaires who have earned their capital from cryptocurrencies in recent years, including Mark Geor. Although New Zealand offers many tourist spots, it might lack security considering what happened to Geor.

The billionaire renovated the family home in Auckland, a city in the north of New Zealand, without knowing what misfortune would happen. According to Geor, after completing the renovations, he realized that a safe had been removed from the mansion.

The businessman confesses that there were $10000 in cash, jewelry, high-end watches, and an external wallet where it was supposed to contain the cryptocurrencies inside the safe.

Geor believes that were professional thefts, suggesting that he or those involved worked on the crime because they broke through the security system installed in the mansion. However, Geor is optimistic that the criminals must not understand what the safe contains.

Reward offered for finding the safe

After what happened at Mark Geor’s family mansion, Special Agent Mike Campbell took up the case to find the criminals. According to Campbell, this robbery occurred between the first and second week of September, and there is still no progress on what happened.

Campbell is also the spokesperson for the attractive reward. This compensation will exceed $500,000 if the safe is returned with all your belongings, including the crypto wallet.

The police are investigating if the person hired for the remodeling had something to do with the robbery. Something that might outrage the Cryptocurrency-loving community is learning that the billionaire left his crypto wallet in a safe at home while he was remodeling it. But it is not something that could be expected in a country characterized by having one of the lowest robbery rates in the world.

For now, Geor will have to wait for the criminals to show up with the contents of the safe or for someone to give a clue as to where the criminals are.



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