Bitcoin 20% Off This Black Friday

Bitcoin is on sale this Black Friday when billions are expected to be spent on all sorts of goods and luxuries as wage slaves across the world receive their last paycheck before Christmas.

Businesses are doing their best to lure them with all sorts of offers, and this season bitcoin is flashing offers too.

Bitcoin was 20% off this Friday at one point, with its price reduced from $69,000 to $53,600. That was very briefly however as customers rushed to buy the new gold, with it now going for $54,200 while it lasts.

It’s what bitcoin did last time too in 2016 and 2017’s Black Friday, with it going on discount briefly. But while businesses have some CEO that gives the discount order, how is bitcoin doing this Black Friday sale?

It’s simple. People take some bitcoin to buy all the discounted goods on offer ahead of Black Friday. Then people see bitcoin is on discount and so they buy it on Black Friday.

So all this is unlikely to be related to any news especially as it has happened during previous bull market Black Fridays.

Instead it’s a natural phenomena where bitcoin participates in the big sale somewhat organically and presumably hopes it gets in the black as well.

Whether that Black Friday buying bonanza will repeat for bitcoin, however, remains to be seen.

Tune in for the next episode of the crypto show to find out if bitcoin goes in the black.

Not least because though we don’t know about this season, last season it did go in the black, and the one before that, with pretty much all of the above, except for the new figures, copy pasted from our exactly one year old reporting of last Black Friday.

Last time there were other suggestions too of what was going on. The flue so becoming a classic since 1919, with it getting a masochist flavor now as the government and its bonded subjects get in a yearly winter ritual of lockdown forever.

The great revelation, some suggest, being that there’s a new flavor of flue. A fact of life for our species for more than a century as the sclerotic medicine industry fails to find a cure to anything.

Previously however this ritual was a very private matter. Our very very old grandpa, 96, departed last winter. A dear old neighbor lady departed just this season as the weather turned cold.

Some however want to turn this into a public matter. As the government now no longer has the terrists to use to terrise the people, exaggerating the flue into a very very scary thing is clearly enough for these skull worshipers.

Yet in this space we learned to ignore it all in May 2020. Presumably they still have a printer, so as long as they keep bribing us for their show, then whatever. Up to the peasants (metaphorically so called) to decide whether they have gone too far. If they have and the peasants rise, then we’ll have to decide whether to join. If we do, then there will be a revolution.

A peaceful one would hope and very limited in scope as nothing would change, but the people as sovereign would use their right by revolt to give law making powers to a new house, the Citizens Assembly, to sit alongside the other two houses.

They would be randomly selected from the electoral roll, about 500 of them, and in this space we can do provably random selections through the blockchain.

So we can’t lose either way, which is why we’re not playing for now as we’d rather do things incrementally, see first how such assemblies would work in our own DAOs of sorts or on things like the Conference for the Future of Europe. But obviously the donkeys have to be a bit careful and should stand down from provoking a peasants uprising as we saw in Austria because no one is fooled and because unlike the naughties and tens, the French gave them an alternative.

Sweden never imposed lockdown forever and they haven’t all dropped dead have they, as some ‘scientists’ said would happen if UK or Germany didn’t dictator.

They wanted lockdown however, but they saw people were clearly not buying it, so they conveniently found a new variant, which is easy to do because that’s what the flue does every winter. But why should bitcoin care?

Bitcoin should moon if they’re really going to be so stupid, because it’s a hedge against such stupidity. Presumably it would mean tampering is off the table. Maybe even boosters for printing.

Another suggestion is futures expiries did this. Maybe but in that case it would be because they sold the old contract to buy the new one. Since the selling is done, now presumably it is the buying?

Whatever the truth, we’d like to choose the Black Friday one. It’s festive, it’s celebratory, it comes with all them gifts.

It’s a festival to life and bitcoin is clearly taking part this year too. 20% off for your children’s dynastic wealth. Digital gold, immutable, untamperable, and nowadays comes with jpegs too.

Luk at this munkeh sire, your kids will luv it. Wat about dis duck. Common, who can go wrong with this cuty yellow dog. Or you more upkeep sir, we also ave cats!

Tune out of propaganda. Tune in to the real show. Turn off the corporate media’s obsessive focus on negativity, and choose or even vote for optimism and ambition.

For truth be told, outside of the TV and now some digital mass media like Reddit and Facebook, there’s a boom in innovation going on and tons of reasons to be excited about a far brighter future. Your choice. It always was.



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