Valkyrie Files to Offer Leveraged Bitcoin Futures ETF

Only days after launching one of the only bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETF) to make it past U.S. regulators, Valkyrie Investments is trying to lever up – literally.

The crypto investments firm filed on Tuesday to offer a 1.25x leveraged bitcoin futures ETF to U.S. investors, seemingly daring the SEC to loosen its grip on crypto investment opportunities.

BTFX would provide 1.25x exposure to the bitcoin reference rate, according to a tweet from Bloomberg Intelligence ETF analyst Eric Balchunas.

Whether, or when, “Valkyrie XBTO Levered BTC Futures ETF” ever makes it to Nasdaq is another question entirely. It took years for the SEC to allow a bitcoin ETF of any form to trade, and presently only basic bitcoin futures ETFs are live. The SEC has 75 days to respond.



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