Idexo Raises $2.5 Million to Build Cross-Chain NFT and Gaming API

  • idexo recently completed its 2.5 million-dollar funding round.
  • The project integrates of NFTs and NFT marketplaces to applications or games.
  • With its cross-chain NFT API, developers can build NFT and NFT markets within apps.

In an announcement, idexo recently informed the public that their $2.5 million funding round officially came to a close. The investors include the following firms — Outlier Ventures, Floem Capital, InSquare Ventures, BlackDragon, Heat Capital, Panony, Aspectures Ventures, DAO Capital, CSP DAO, Defiants, C2G Ventures, Crypto Avengers, Moonwhale Ventures, and Titan Ventures.

According to the team, they are “grateful for the confidence our many visionary investors have shown in idexo.” The team says that they are utilizing insights, new connections, and information that helps the project grow further.

The aim of idexo is to make NFT adoption more mainstream. With their cross-chain NFT API, anyone could integrate NFTs and NFT marketplaces within their apps. This API has huge potential, especially for app and game developers.

With GameFi and Play-to-Earn becoming a hot topic, the idexo API can make things easier for developers to create NFTs or build their in-game NFT marketplaces.

Outlier Ventures CEO and Founder Jamie Burke explained why they invested in idexo,

The idexo team understands that for the mainstream appeal of Web 3 tech to become a reality, it needs to offer an easy way to abstract away the intricacies of individual blockchain protocols and render them invisible.



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