Here’s Why Ethereum’s Unique Addresses Have Skyrocketed

More than 10,000 unique Ethereum addresses have appeared on the Optimism network after the “per-announcement” that the company has posted on its Twitter account. According to the post, the “big news” will be dropped next week.

Potential investors assumed that the new scalability stack for Ethereum will announce an airdrop the next week or issue tokens. But not all investors are sharing the optimism since the generous giveaway will not be a good thing for the future price of the token.

Optimism is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum that allows users to make transactions with significantly lower fees on the network. Optimism considers itself a Public Benefit Corporation that will operate responsibly toward both stockholders and users of their products.

Layer 2 solutions are different networks that work on top of the main Ethereum network, which is considered Layer 1.

How do Layer 2 solutions function?

Layer 2 solutions act as various smart contracts that allow users to utilize extended functions while using the main network. The Layer 2 solutions do not require any changes in the main protocol of the network to be interactable while working on the main network. The most common use of Layer 2 solutions is the scalability of payments.



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