Celer Network (CELR) Uprises Over 25%, While Leading Cryptos Still Down

The crypto market has once again perplexed investors with its downtrend for the past few days. As we all know trading cryptocurrencies is not the same every day, each of them differs everyday with its price chart. Some crypto-assets may rise one day and might fall the other day and it is usual.

The current status of the crypto market is in a downtrend, most of the leading cryptocurrencies have fallen in price. Since the past week, investors are facing tragedy in the market as the digital-assets are down. Despite the fact that mainstream cryptos are presenting bearish signals, some altcoins have outperformed and are marching towards an uptrend. One such coin is Celer Network (CELR), which has risen in price value to 25% within a day.

Celer Network is the most innovative layer-2 scaling platform for developing fast, simple, low-cost, and secure blockchain solutions at the internet scale. Layer-2 scaling platforms are constructed “on top of” layer-1 blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. They don’t need changes to the base level protocol – they simply exist as intelligent mainline contracts such as Ethereum which interact with off-chain software.

Current Market Status

At the time of writing, the trading price of CELR is $0.076 with a trading volume of $239,555,816 in the last 24-hours. According to Coinmarketcap, the price of CELR has surged to 25.48% in a day and holds 137th rank.

Trading Chart of CELR

The chart depicts the bullish trend for the past 24-hours. Moreover, the current circulating supply of CELR coins is 5,852,080,630. The price value of CELR has risen from $0.057 to $0.076 within a day. Significantly, CELR is available in top exchanges such as Binance, CoinTiger, OKEx, HitBTC, and ZT.

Celer Network’s cBridge

Celer Network’s cBridge now supports the connection between Fantom and the rest of the DeFi ecosystem. According to the announcement on September 11, cBridge supports several chains with the lowest fee in non-custodial mode. As cBridge supports a large number of chains like connecting from Arbitrum to Polygon via Celer Network.

Considering the recent updates, cBridge supporting several chains might be the reason for the upsurge of CELR price. However, users are now experiencing a sweet spot along with the advancements from Celer Network. Moreover, users expect more highs in CELR price value in near future.



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