Jed McCaleb Sells Zero XRP Since Ripple’s Last Tranche, Here’s What’s Happening

As per the data provided by XRPscan, Ripple co-founder, its first CTO and now the CTO and founder of Stellar, he has sold no XRP since September began.

His “tacostand” wallet still contains 709,911,471.02531 XRP as nine days ago.

Has McCaleb paused selling?

The most recent tranche from Ripple to McCaleb’s XRP address arrived on September 1, when the fintech giant unlocked a billion XRP from escrow.

Back then, Jed received 174,862,720.000000 XRP – $210 million at the exchange rate on that day.

XRPscan shows that since that day, he had no outcoming transactions from “tacostand”. The previous XRP lump was sent by Ripple on August 1 and it amounted to 182,370,308 XRP. Since that day until August 16, the amount of XRP sent by Jed to exchanges for selling totaled 86.3 million.

From 3.4 billion XRP to 709,9 million since January

Since August 16 having 821 million XRP remaining on “tacostand”, until September 1, he converted 112 million coins to fiat. By now the balance of his wallet remains the same as it was on the first day of September – 709,911 million XRP. At the current rate, that is equal to $771,096,230. On September 1, the fiat equivalent was bigger – around $880 million.

As a rule, McCaleb sells XRP every day with rare pauses. But over the past nine days, no coins have been sold.

On January 17, he had 3.4 billion XRP on balance, according to the website built by the XRP community to track the amount of Jed’s holdings.



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