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Tellor (TRB) and Just (JST) Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

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    Tellor and Just bulls are in control. However, TRB prices must clear $65 for a defined trajectory that may lift the token back to H1 2021 highs.

    Tellor (TRB)

    The Tellor platform is an oracle provider using TRB as an internal currency on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Past Performance of TRB

    At spot rates, TRB crypto prices are inching higher though at a slower pace.

    From the TRB technical analysis in the daily chart, prices are printing higher highs but below August 2021 after a retest of late August 2021.

    When writing, Tellor crypto prices are relatively stable versus the USD on the last trading day.

    Day-Ahead and What to Expect

    Tellor coin buyers are in charge. There could be more opportunities for higher highs in the days ahead.

    However, the rapidity of the upswing would depend on how firm the close above August 2021 highs would be.

    If anything, a high volume blast above $65 would cement TRB token bulls, opening the doors for $90.

    Tellor Technical Analysis

    Overall, TRB crypto buyers are confident, reading from price action in the daily chart.

    Although prices are consolidating, the market-wide recovery could see TRB token prices edge past $65 towards $90.

    Even so, the pace of this break depends largely on participation. A contraction below this week’s lows at $48 cancels the uptrend.

    Just (JST)

    The DeFi protocol, Just, is the largest in the Tron ecosystem managing over 47.5 billion using JST for governance.

    Past Performance of JST

    As per the JST technical analysis in the daily chart, buyers are in the driving seat, firmly in control.

    There are a series of higher highs as JST crypto bulls reload, pushing the coin three percent ahead of the USD on the last trading day.

    In all, JST coin prices could gallop even higher in the days ahead.

    Day-Ahead and What to Expect

    The JST token prices continue to trend higher.

    Backing the upswing is high trading volumes, explaining the increased momentum and volatility in the past few days.

    As per price action in the daily chart, JST prices could race past $0.10, nullifying sellers of Q2 2021.

    If that’s the case, JST crypto prices might roar back to H1 2021 highs of $0.20.

    Just Technical Analysis

    As per the JST technical analysis in the daily chart, every low may provide entries for optimistic buyers.

    JST bull bars are aligned along the upper BB—an indicator of strength.

    Even so, the medium-term trajectory depends on the close above $0.10. If that pans out, JST could double to $0.20 in a welcomed bullish move.



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