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The freight industry is dependent upon optimum processes and collaborative efforts for both shippers and truckers. If a single party fails to deliver, the entire supply chain can get disrupted, causing significant losses for both manufacturers and consumers. It is high time that the freight industry gets a well-deserved restructuring, and what better way to do that than by leveraging next generation, web 3.0 technology. 

LaneAxis is leading this revolution by incorporating artificial intelligence and blockchain technology under one roof. LaneAxis aims to optimize the entire supply-demand chain; and in the process making the lives of truckers easier and more profitable. 


LaneAxis is a brokerless direct network built on blockchain that offers several services to optimize the freight industry. It is the first platform to completely eliminate the intermediaries from the freight industry and give the power back to  shippers and truckers.

Shippers and truckers interact directly on the LaneAxis in the LaneAxis Direct Network, which is connected directly to the FreightVISION Driver app. Shippers can post their requirements on the app, and the drivers and truckers can bid on these requirements to get the job. Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain to ensure transparency and immutability. 

Once a job is accepted, the shipper must pay the full payment stored in smart contracts until the delivery. After the delivery, the trucker will receive the payment within 24 hours (following a standard “dispute” window), completing the transaction. 

LaneAxis is powered by the AXIS token, which is used as the primary transaction medium within the ecosystem. The token gives users access to several services, including real-time tracking, access to databases created by LaneAxis, staking rewards, etc. 

LaneAxis tackles the inefficiencies of the freight industry and offers unique solutions. The company focuses on revolutionizing one of the largest industries in the world. For that purpose, LaneAxis recently launched the Respect the Truck campaign, in which truckers and drivers will benefit immensely. 

Respect The Truck

Independent drivers consider their trucks to be an extension of themselves as they are their second homes. Long haul drivers are on the road for hours, days, and sometimes weeks – and for that period, the truck becomes their home. Respect the Truck campaign is designed to initiate a Driver Wellness program in which LaneAxis strives to improve the mental, physical and financial well-being of all drivers. 

The current conditions for a driver are less than ideal. They face grueling challenges while on the road and must be attentive during the night to ensure they reach the delivery location on time and safely. This pressure can affect the drivers both mentally and physically, reducing their life expectancy and causing obesity. 

In this campaign, LaneAxis partnered with one of its shareholders, Carl “Coach” Hargrave, to launch the “Truckercize” program. This program is focused on improving the lives of truckers by taking several measures. One of the important aspects of this program is to generate awareness about the current situation.

For that purpose, LaneAxis has launched exclusive merchandise for the “Respect the Truck” campaign, which includes t-shirts and hats. This merchandise can be ordered here. Customers can enjoy a 10% discount using the promo code, “RESPECT.” 

This campaign is one of many steps  LaneAxis is taking to optimize the current conditions of the freight industry. The company wholeheartedly believes that shippers and truckers are the backbone of the nation, and it is time they are fairly compensated and cared for in every aspect.



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